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From our founding as Propulsion Academy in 2016 to our acquisition by SIT last year, today we welcome our new brand name: Constructor Learning. Constructor Learning is part of the Constructor Group, initially named Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT). The organization was founded in 2019 by Dr. Serg Bell, a long-time entrepreneur and investor in technology and education. Dedicated to creating knowledge through science, education and technology, the ecosystem combines a comprehensive educational offering that spans the entire learning lifecycle, from K-12 to a private university and executive courses, next-generation research capabilities and commercial activities for technological innovation. Founded and headquartered in Schaffhausen, SIT has rapidly grown since its creation, thanks to organic growth and acquisitions. As it has become a global organization with a footprint in more than 15 countries and a worldwide network of researchers, professors, investors, clients, and alumni, the brand had to be rethought to reflect this expansion better and unify the entire ecosystem under one name: Constructor.

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Interview with Full-Stack alumnus, Hristo Georgiev

Interview with Full-Stack alumnus, Hristo Georgiev

Published on 26-10-2022


Can you introduce yourself? What were you doing before you joined SIT Learning and where are you now?

Hi, my name is Hristo. I'm originally from Bulgaria and before I did the Full-Stack Bootcamp, I worked at a cleaning company here in Zurich. 
Now I work at SIT Learning as a software developer.


What did you like most about SIT Learning’s Bootcamp?

What I liked the most about the Bootcamp is that we studied only relevant topics today. Technology that is used in the tech industry today. Ultimately, increasing our chances of finding a job quickly and easily after the Bootcamp.


What was your biggest challenge during the Bootcamp?

Well, the Bootcamp is very intense, you learn a lot of new information each day and my biggest challenge was just keeping up with the added information every day and trying to assimilate it.


Tell us about your capstone project.

So, my capstone project was called "Analyze My Music" and we decided to use the Spotify API because it provides a lot of interesting data to the user. Technically you cannot see this data in the Spotify app by yourself, so, we decided to consume this data and show it understandably, with some cool charts, for example, the top tracks that you have listened to for the past year, the tempo they have, their beat/dance level they have. The most useful feature, if you ask me, was the “create my playlist” feature. This feature was based on a couple of metrics you can define yourself as a user.


How did you grow on a personal level?

So, after I did the Bootcamp, I realized that I'm an extremely fast learner and I discovered my passion for coding and how much I like it.


How was life after the Bootcamp (are you happy with your new job, are you still in touch with the students, etc.)?

I loved the Bootcamp so much and stayed connected with all my classmates. We have a telegram group, chat daily, and meet weekly. I also grew close to the SIT Learning crew, I'm friends with all of them. We shared a lot of nice moments after the Bootcamp.

Would you recommend SIT Learning’s Bootcamp to your friends?

Yes, totally! If you want to change your career path or learn to code properly, so that you can quickly find a job afterwards, then yes, I recommend taking Bootcamp!

Thanks a lot for the interview, Hristo. We wish you all the best for your professional and private future. 

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