Cybersecurity Management Program

You will gain the most up-to-date knowledge on how to apply cybersecurity principles across different businesses and institutions. Learn from internationally renowned experts, interact with industry leaders in a premier executive education program designed by Constructor Learning.

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Program overview

The Cybersecurity landscape has been marked by increasingly complex threats over the last few years, with highly damaging consequences for organizations and end-point users. Leaders, institutions, and companies must therefore develop resilient risk mitigation strategies. Such measures require a complete realignment in the threat-led approach, as Cybersecurity now represents a strategic digital transformation issue for high-performing enterprises.

Yet a critical Cyber-risk skills and workforce gap remains. Therefore, equipping your staff with the most up-to-date intelligence is vital to delivering effective responses and targeted action to outsmart cyber-disruption.

Through our course, you will learn to confidently navigate the digital realm to identify threats, secure your organization and assets, harden your digital defenses, and seize new business possibilities.


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Program Dates:

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3 Days Program

Program Fee:

General fee

€ 3,000

Constructor Alumni Members Fee

€ 2,700

Corporate fee applicable for 3-5 participants per company.

Program format

The Cybersecurity Program is an offline intensive learning course with a comprehensive combination of various methodologies:

Interactive lectures by an academic expert

Expert lectures by experienced leaders in Cybersecurity

Real-life case discussions

Group work and exchanges

Networking sessions


What you will learn


A foundational knowledge on Cyber-risk


An in-depth understanding of universal frameworks to comprehend digital resilience and align security challenges with key business goals


The keys to asking the right questions about Cyber-risk management


The ability to apply NIST CSF to monitor your organization's approach and position


A strategic insight into the organizational considerations of leading Cybersecurity strategies


The operational realities behind the implementation of Cybersecurity strategies within your organization


The latest research, evidence, and best practices for any organization's cyber-resilience

Program Structure

day 1

Cybersecurity as a Boardroom Level Conversation

day 2

Cybersecurity Measurements and Investment

day 3

Cybersecurity Management and Strategy

Is This Program for Me?

Are you a prospective applicant? Does this program match your profile? Here is an overview of the Program’s areas of interest:


If you are engaged at different managerial levels in organizations. You need to understand the key role of security and the need to recognize and support Cybersecurity at an organizational level.


If you are responsible for the design of a new system and/or its significant adaptations. You need to understand the implications and impacts of security precautions, identify security requirements, and address them through design.


If you are responsible for the operations of infrastructure components. The components cover a broad range of services, from network and operating systems and middleware, to end applications.


If you are responsible for security management and related operations. The role includes incident-handling and response, forensics, security monitoring, vulnerability management, and software assessment.


If you are responsible for managing a community of end users, granting access to resources or using/running identity management related to users, suspending/banning users.


If you are responsible for acquiring new facilities (hardware, software).


If you want to gain a deeper understanding of Cybersecurity principles for your business.


Will the short program provide a holistic view of the Cybersecurity landscape?

Through our course, you will learn to confidently navigate the digital realm to identify threats, secure your organization and assets, harden your digital defenses, and seize new business possibilities.

What is Cybersecurity, and why is it important to learn?

Cybersecurity involves tools, services, systems, and best practices designed to help with the detection, prevention, and mitigation of crime that involves the internet. There are common types of cyberattacks that Cybersecurity aims to address, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and cyberterrorism. The purpose of cyberattacks varies, but some common motivations are to steal private information or demand money. Information Security can be a competitive advantage because it allows you to be better than your business competitors. If you and your competitors must meet certain security standards (like PCI, HIPAA or GDPR), and if you can do it more efficiently than your competition, your business gains a competitive advantage. Additionally, that competitive advantage is further enhanced because a strong cybersecurity program encourages business innovation.

How is the program structured?

The Cybersecurity Program is an offline intensive learning course over 3 days.

What if I have specific questions not covered here?

If you have any additional questions about admissions to the program, or the course material please contact the Constructor Learning Office at Contact us | Constructor Learning
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Your instructors

Team Member

Lior Tabansky

Head of Cyber Resilience Lab at Tel Aviv University

Researcher, professor, and practitioner in the field of cyber resilience for digital transformation. Author of books and scientific publications.
Team Member

Candid Wüest

VP of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis

As Senior Principal Threat Researcher, he evaluated current and future trends in the threat landscape and researched new protection methods.

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