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From our founding as Propulsion Academy in 2016 to our acquisition by SIT last year, today we welcome our new brand name: Constructor Learning. Constructor Learning is part of the Constructor Group, initially named Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT). The organization was founded in 2019 by Dr. Serg Bell, a long-time entrepreneur and investor in technology and education. Dedicated to creating knowledge through science, education and technology, the ecosystem combines a comprehensive educational offering that spans the entire learning lifecycle, from K-12 to a private university and executive courses, next-generation research capabilities and commercial activities for technological innovation. Founded and headquartered in Schaffhausen, SIT has rapidly grown since its creation, thanks to organic growth and acquisitions. As it has become a global organization with a footprint in more than 15 countries and a worldwide network of researchers, professors, investors, clients, and alumni, the brand had to be rethought to reflect this expansion better and unify the entire ecosystem under one name: Constructor.

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TaxJungle map

TaxJungle - Help expats choose their perfect Swiss residency

TaxJungle - Help expats choose their perfect Swiss residency

Project by: Marco Volken, Michelle Naqqar, Immanuel Jaeggi, Michal Wyszowski
Marco Volken Michelle Lundak Michal Wyszowski Immanuel Jäggi
Marco Volken Michelle Naqqar Michal Wyszowski Immanuel Jäggi


During the last three weeks of the Full-Stack Development Bootcamp, our students worked on a platform called TaxJungle. The project opportunity was provided by Keen Innovation AG, a company located in Basel, Switzerland, that provides forward-thinking digital solutions in the local and global FinTech ecosystem. With TaxJungle, Keen Innovation AG aims to help the roughly 40k foreigners who move to Switzerland each year to choose their place of residence by offering intuitive tools and thus building a relationship with users.

Tools and technologies used in this project

  • Javascript, React, Redux, D3 (Frontend)
  • Python, Django (Backend)
  • Postgres (Database)
  • Digital Ocean, Docker, Nginx (Deployment)
  • Gitlab, Gitlab-Runner (CI/CD)

Project details

The goal was to rebuild the existing functionality from scratch (except the API providing the swiss taxation data) while improving it wherever possible,  adding a new social component that allows for interaction with the users, and providing informative content on various finance-related topics. Our students managed to develop an interactive map of Switzerland to calculate (based on individual configuration) and compare expected taxation rates between cantons and municipalities. For the interactive map, they chose D3 (instead of tools like Datawrapper) to create as few dependencies as possible and allow for better customization and future integration of additional data layers (e.g. average rental prices). The geological map data is provided by Swisstopo and the conversion to the needed TopoJSON format was done with Swiss Maps Generator by Interactive Things.

As a social component, a blog function was built that enables the creation, commenting, and sharing of articles for various finance-related topics (including a search function). Other functionalities and content include user authentication and profiles that can be edited and shared.

TaxJungle blog


The outcome was a prototype of the platform, which is going to be further developed as follows: additional data layers will be added to the map, a rating will be given to each result, and a chat feature will be integrated.  Overall, the project was a great success. The requirements of Keen Innovation AG were met and our students were able to put their knowledge into practice on a real industry project.

On behalf of SIT Academy, we would like to thank Keen Innovation AG for collaborating with us in this project!


Michal Wyszowski says:

I was thrilled to contribute the knowledge I have gained during the Full Stack course to create a tax platform for expats and for people who are willing to move to Switzerland. Its a simplified and combined info in one place.

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